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Budget Car Hire at Akureyri Airport

Budget Car Hire at Akureyri Airport

Arrival Hall of Akureyri Airport, 600 Akureyri.

Open daily from 08:00 to 18:00.

Telephone: (+354) 562 6060 or (+354) 660 0629.

For mechanical emergencies after opening hours please call (+354) 660 0727.




Budget Rent a Car has a rental station in Akureyri Airport, which is only a 5 minutes drive from the city center. Our desk is conveniently located inside the airport terminal, in the arrival hall. Our Budget staff will welcome you while your car waits in the parking lot.

Since Akureyri airport is very close to the city center, you don’t have to go far to start enjoying the capital of the North. For the ones who like to shop, you can visit Hafnarstræti street or Glerártorg mall, which is the Akureyri’s main shopping mall. In Akureyri there are many museums, so you can choose the right museum according to your interests. The Akureyri Art Museum has various art exhibitions and Akureyri Museum portrays the life and work of past inhabitants of the area. Also there is the Aviation Museum, a display for old toys in Friðbjarnarhús and the Motorcycle Museum of Akureyri. For only a few minutes’ drive on your Budget rental car, you can visit any of these museums.

Even if the weather doesn’t seem promising, the Budget rental car will take care of you. All the cars at Budget car rental have air conditioning and efficient heaters, so you can be comfortable inside your car no matter how the weather is. In Akureyri you can go bowling, fishing, hiking, golfing, bird watching and horse riding during summer, or ice fishing, skiing and see the Northern Lights during winter. A small distance from Akureyri you can find the Christmas Garden, open all year round. The Christmas Garden is both enjoyable for adults and children as there are many interesting things to see. Having a Budget rental car makes your trip easier as you can travel between locations at your own pace.

The location of our rental station at Akureyri Airport also makes it easy for you to drive to the north of Akureyri and towards Mývatn lake, which is famous for its diverse bird life and natural thermal pools. During the winter you might need a car with 4 wheel drive to go there, so make sure to tell the Budget staff where you are going, so they can advise you if necessary.

- Budget Car Hire in Akureyri is located inside the arrival hall of Akureyri Airport

- Book your Budget rental car in the booking form by completing 4 easy steps


Budget Car Hire in Akureyri
Akureyri Airport, 600 Akureyri
Telephone: (+354) 562 6060 or (+354) 660 0629